5 myths about temporary workers & project consultants


Contrary to popular belief, temporary employees bring a lot of benefits. It would be a shame to miss out on these because of various misconceptions. Here are the five myths we would like to debunk!

Myth #1: Temporary workers only concern profiles that provide administrative support

Nowadays we see all kinds of profiles from different sectors doing temporary work or temporary assignments. Companies often opt for temporary workers to carry out extra work , to replace sickness or maternity leave or in other situations that require a quick start.

But also when a company wants to start up a certain project that requires specific expertise, they increasingly turn to temporary workers or consultants.

Myth #2: Temporary workers are mainly junior profiles

This myth we regularly hear from employers and is anything but true. It is true that many people are hesitant to trade a permanent job for a temporary position.

However, there are still many senior profiles and top employees who switch to temporary assignments at some point in their career. These top performers can be an asset to companies who are willing to welcome them.

Myth #3: Temporary workers out of necessity

This is the myth we hear the most: candidates who opt for a temporary assignment only do so because they cannot find a permanent job. However, there are several reasons to specifically opt for a temporary job.

Some choose temporary work because

  • they want to change sector or career and focus on assignments where they can gain experience
  • interim assignments are a good way to start in a company and to prove yourself afterwards with the hope of being hired permanently
  • Etc.

At Axis Group, we regularly meet candidates who are specifically interested in temporary assignments. We help them find work through our divisions 'Axis Career' or 'Axis Projects'. Contrary to popular belief, these are far from "bad" candidates who cannot find a permanent job.

Myth #4: Temporary workers are neither loyal nor dedicated

This myth stems from the fact that temporary workers are not paid by the company they work for. However, temporary workers are constantly in direct contact with their client who in turn is in regular contact with the company their employee works for. After all, they act as the ambassador of the recruitment or consultancy agency, so a good follow-up is of great importance.

Recruiters therefore work just as meticulously when selecting temporary workers as when selecting permanent employees. They always aim for a successful match for all parties involved with a view to a long-term relationship, regardless of the duration of the assignment.

Temporary workers are first and foremost people whose values and work ethic do not change according to the type of contract.

If a staffing agency or consultancy has doubts about the loyalty or dedication of a temporary worker, they would not want to take the risk of jeopardizing the client relationship.

Myth #5: You can't hire a temporary worker permanently

Some companies are reluctant to start using temporary workers because they assume that they cannot offer the employee a permanent contract afterwards. There is no rule saying that a temporary worker cannot be hired internally. It depends on the wishes of the employee and on the conditions agreed between the agency and the company.

Many agency workers wish to become full-time employees in a company where they were originally hired as temporary employees. On the other hand, many companies are convinced that this is the way to find the best candidates in the long run.

Hereby, some myths that companies may have about the recruitment of temporary workers have been debunked. However, on the candidate side, there are just as many myths to bust about temporary jobs.

Are you interested in temporary assignments as a temp or consultant? Read more about it on our website or contact us soon.


Elle Fleurackers

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