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  • Do temporary workers receive an end-of-year bonus?

    Wondering if you are entitled to an end-of-year bonus as a temporary worker, when it is deposited and how it is calculated? We'll dive into the details together!

  • Tax and pension

    It's time to put your assets to work for you rather than against you! Learn how to save money for your retirement while also taking advantage of government tax breaks. Do you believe you're familiar with all of the many Belgian retirement savings plans? This post will educate you on all four of them.

  • Temporary unemployment due to pandemic

    2020 was an unprecedented year. The coronavirus dominated our lives. Starting in March, we were faced with situations that we had not thought possible before. This also had a serious impact on employment. That is why the simplified procedure for temporary unemployment was created. But what exactly does it contain? And who can make use of it? Below you will find the most important details listed.

  • What are the rules regarding telework

    The corona crisis has given companies much food for thought when it comes to telework. Due to the measures imposed by the government; companies were obliged to allow their employees to work from home. A lot of companies will therefore be adapting their telework policy, even when the crisis is over. We summarise all the rules.

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