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Axis learning for companies

Our mission at Axis is to find the perfect match between employers and employees. In order to do this we go beyond job matching and also offer unique courses.

The Axis learning team are specialists in growing knowledge in order to increase the work relationship value for both employers and their employees.


Customised training courses

We have a wide set of ready made courses available. We also offer custom training programmes that build further upon our existing technical and management courses but are tailor-made to match the specific needs of your company and team.

All our courses can be adapted to fit the format that works best for you: face-to-face, e-learning or webinar. Face-to-face training remains the most effective format because it is based on the personal interaction between the expert trainer and the participants.

But you don't have to choose one format over the other. We can also offer a hybrid approach where you can combine the the flexibility of e-learning with face-to-face sessions.


Open to all

You already have the perfect team and you want to grow their knowledge value? We are here for you too!

The Axis learning courses are not only available for clients that work with us for job matching.

Current Training Courses on Offer

Our current courses consist of two categories:

Financial training

These include technical training on various aspects of financial markets, securities, derivatives, investment funds, risk management and compliance.

Management training

These include various management aspects including delegating and empowering, negotiation techniques, conflict management, presentation skills, leadership, project management, cross-cultural communication, change management, service delivery and written communication.

All Axis Learning trainings are high quality and with a perfect mix between theory and practice. We can offer the courses in five languages: Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish.

Available company trainings

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    Axis Learning for candidates

    We would like to invest in your talent.
    As a candidate, you can also contact Axis Learning for sector-specific training that is always tailored to the needs of the current job market.

    Our carefully selected offer gives qualified candidates an extra push to develop the right skills for the specific niche markets we serve: legal, finance, insurance, banking, etc.

    Candidates who attended a sector-specific training course

    • Fantastic team, customer-focused and genuinely interested in my personality and career goals, carefully selected the best match. Brilliant initiative to offer quality training on investment funds. Axis is an efficient partner and an excellent recruiter.



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