Our values

Being able to make a real difference as a recruitment partner gives us a real boost of energy and sense of satisfaction.



We don't like to do things by halves. Excellence for us means going the extra mile to offer the highest possible quality to our clients and applicants.



Axis is a solid team that wants to be a tower of strength for all parties involved in search & recruitment. One of our greatest strengths? The unique cooperation between all our employees to help you to the best of our ability.



The bar is set high. We apply only the highest standards of integrity and respect for people. Because trust always takes precedence for us.



Our employees should be genuinely proud of our company and its services: finding the perfect match between the candidate and client,'We have the power to change lives!'



Our daily fuel? Succeeding in what we do, being the reference in our specific niches and thus leaving the market competition far behind.

Social and sustainable entrepreneurship


Axis has a heart for the environment and thinks about the future of our planet.
We continuously invest in the digitalisation of our services, which is reflected in: digital sales brochures, paperless environment, platform for digital signatures, promoting working from home, digital payroll processing, etc.

In the choice of suppliers, we prefer local partners as well as partners who incorporate sustainable entrepreneurship into their business operations.


What does sponsorship have to do with sustainable entrepreneurship? It's all in the choice of organizations and/or events we sponsor.

At Axis, we offer our customers the choice between an annual calendar or a donation to charity. Each year we take great care in selecting an organisation that truly contributes to society.
Since we strongly believe in the importance of providing equal opportunities on the labour market, our customers donated to 'Duo for a Job' in 2021. This association promotes the smooth integration of migrants into the labour market.

Prosperity above profit

Profit stands for economic profit and steady growth. We prefer to speak of Prosperity, namely social profit. Far more than just hard currency, Prosperity means profit in the sense of added value for people.

We have the power to change your life! We help people not just to get a job but one that really changes their lives for the better. Or we help companies find an employee who will help determine the company's course.

We have the power to change your life!

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Ethical code

Axis is a member of the following federations: Federgon in Belgium and Fedil in Luxembourg.

As a Certified Member of Federgon, Axis subscribes to the code of ethics in Belgium and we carry the RSS (Recruitment, Search & Selection) quality label. Axis is also a co-founder of Fr2s (Fédération Recruitment & Selection) and FES (Fedil Employment Services) in Luxembourg.

The above quality labels provide our clients, candidates and suppliers with the guarantee of high-quality service, the necessary discretion, respect for all parties, transparency and a highly professional approach.

HR Insights & Trends

Axis Insights, our community platform, lifts you and your organisation to a higher level of personal and entrepreneurial success.