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What customers say about Axis Career

  • Axis offers us a very correct cooperation with delivery of sufficiently screened candidates per vacancy where possible and if it is not possible, a clear communication about it, as well as a proactive proposal to change to another approach. Moreover, it is pleasant to work together!


    Werner Van Der Vurst
    Manager HR & Facilities - Stater Belgium


    What customers say about Axis Executives

    • I got to know Axis both on the candidate and client side. Their listening skills and ability to quickly and accurately identify the specifications of a position convinced me to continue working with them as a client as well. The quality of their candidates tailored to our needs is rare in this sector.


      Alexandre Gas
      Executive director - Brucher Thieltgen & Partners


      What customers say about Axis Projects:

      • Very professional consultancy firm. It was refreshing to go through such a fast and efficient process. Axis Projects takes into account not only the client needs but also the applicant's desires and needs.

        My contact person was always accessible and kindly answered all my questions.


        Anne Kemp
        Marketing & Events Consultant


        What customers say about Axis Learning

        • Fantastic team, customer focused and genuinely interested in my personality and career goals, very careful in finding the best match. Brilliant initiative to offer quality training on investment funds. Axis is an efficient partner and an excellent recruiter.




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