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  • Do temporary workers receive an end-of-year bonus?

    Wondering if you are entitled to an end-of-year bonus as a temporary worker, when it is deposited and how it is calculated? We'll dive into the details together!

  • Boost your insurance career with Axis projects

    Strengthen your career with Axis Projects and become part of the success story at AG Insurance, among others. Benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the corporate culture different market leaders in insurance and find the perfect assignment that matches your skills. Join Axis Projects as a consultant, grow professionally and contribute to the success of one of these innovative companies. Contact us today to discover exciting opportunities in the consulting industry.

  • Just graduated! Now what?

    Family, friends, your neighbours,... Everyone seems to ask you the same question these days. Some may have a clear answer. Others are still reflecting on what to do next. We have made you a helpful roadmap to get you along the way and to find an answer to this difficult question.

  • Tax and pension

    It's time to put your assets to work for you rather than against you! Learn how to save money for your retirement while also taking advantage of government tax breaks. Do you believe you're familiar with all of the many Belgian retirement savings plans? This post will educate you on all four of them.

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