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  • Just graduated! Now what?

    Family, friends, your neighbours,... Everyone seems to ask you the same question these days. Some may have a clear answer. Others are still reflecting on what to do next. We have made you a helpful roadmap to get you along the way and to find an answer to this difficult question.

  • Tax and pension

    It's time to put your assets to work for you rather than against you! Learn how to save money for your retirement while also taking advantage of government tax breaks. Do you believe you're familiar with all of the many Belgian retirement savings plans? This post will educate you on all four of them.

  • Looking for your soft skills?

    Soft skills are more important in a recruitment than age, the right diploma, or experience, according to a recent study conducted among more than 700 SMEs in Flanders. Your mindset, enthusiasm, and fit with the company culture, as well as your knowledge of the national language and willingness to function flexibly, are all important factors.

  • The insurance business is booming, right?

    Insurance business is booming. But while you have great access to job openings, having too many options can make the job-search process seem overwhelming. Let us help you find your way through the wide range of insurance vacancies.

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