Do temporary workers receive an end-of-year bonus?

Reference period

🗓️ For the 2023 bonus, we look at your employment during the following reference period 1/07/2022- 30/06/2023.

To be entitled to an end-of-year bonus, you must have worked at least 65 days or 494 hours as a temporary worker during the reference period under the five-day workweek system. All days and hours subject to social security are eligible.

In addition, up to 5 days of economic unemployment also count automatically.

🦠 From 2022, days of temporary unemployment due to corona will count if you have been subject to social security for at least 45 days and have worked a total of at least 65 days or 494 hours.

Did you secure a permanent contract with the company where you previously worked as a temporary worker during the reference period? Then you are entitled to an end-of-year bonus if you worked at least 60 days or 456 hours during this reference period.

To this end, Axis Group will provide you with the following documents: a copy of your last employment contract with Axis and a copy of your last paycheck. Attach these documents to a copy of your permanent employment contract with our client.

🤕 Days when you're unable to work due to a work-related accident while under a temporary employment contract are compensated through guaranteed pay. Days following the contract's expiration also contribute to determining your eligibility for an end-of-year bonus. Important: The Social Fund will not automatically be notified of this situation. You must inform them by providing a certificate from the insurance company that reimbursed you. These specific circumstances are taken into account when calculating the amount of the end-of-year premium.

Flexi job hours do count, but the flexi wage does not count for the calculation of the amount.


How do I know if I will receive an end-of-year bonus?

If you meet the above conditions, you will receive a document from the Social Fund for Temporary Workersin December . If you have not received anything by the end of December [KC1], we recommend that you contact the Social Fund. This can be done by phone or in writing at Havenlaan 86C bus 330, 1000 Brussels, by calling 02/203.60.95.

Attention: Have you moved during the year preceding the granting of the premium? Then you must notify the Social Fund in writing before 17 November '23 by letter to the above address or via the contact form.

Mention following data:

  • surname / first name
  • National number or date of birth
  • your old address and your new address

If you have not reported this, you can ask for a duplicate but keep in mind that this may delay your payment.

How is the end-of-year bonus calculated?

As of 2016, the gross premium is equal to 8.33% of the gross salary you earned as a temporary worker during the reference year. From the gross premium are deducted: - 13.07% social security contributions - 23.22% withholding tax (tax) The net premium is about 66% of the gross premium. You can find exactly how each premium is calculated on the premium document.

I received an end-of-year bonus document, now what?

The document allows you to obtain payment of the bonus. How? If you are a member of a syndicate, you can send them the original document for payment. If you don't, you must return the completed original document to the Social Fund.

When will I receive my bonus?

Each of the three syndicates follows its own method in this regard about which they will inform you.

The Social Fund, on the other hand, pays in only one way. Enter your bank account number and return the original document signed to the Fund. They will deposit the premium into your account as of 02/01/2024.


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