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Benefits of working via Axis Projects at Insurance clients

Would you like to discover how Axis Projects, a division of Axis Group with more than 25 years of experience in the financial, legal and insurance sectors, can introduce you to top clients such as AG Insurance, among others? At Axis Projects, we understand the importance of a good match between you as a consultant and your future employer. We have in-depth knowledge of the corporate culture at our clients and can help you find that one perfect assignment.

A perfect match with our client's corporate culture

For example, AG Insurance, a progressive player in the insurance industry, values skills and attitude over traditional selection criteria. They are looking for consultants who fit their corporate culture perfectly and possess competencies such as involvement, customer focus, collaboration and commitment, and we can help you with that.

Professional growth and success

We understand the importance of a good match between you and our clients. That's why we provide professional guidance throughout the application process and a training week before you start so that your qualifications and skills are given the best possible exposure. This allows you to be perfectly prepared to work for companies such as AG Insurance, NN Insurance, etc.

You will not only get an assignment, but as an Axis Projects consultant you will help build the growth and success of these leading players while further developing your career in the insurance sector.

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In addition, we take the time to understand what next assignment you aspire to. We work closely with you to understand your career goals and proactively seek out assignments that match them. Our HR advice and support are invaluable in fostering your professional growth and success.

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Choose Axis Projects as your trusted partner

Choose a reliable partner that puts your career interests first. As an Axis Projects consultant, you can benefit from our extensive network, valuable HR advice and support, and various training opportunities to strengthen your skills. We understand the dynamics of the consulting world and have the expertise to help you find that perfect assignment(s) with several leading players.

Take the next step in your career today and discover how working through Axis Projects will give you the opportunity to grow.


Lisa Van Meerbeeck

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