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  • 5 Do's and Don'ts for a successful video interview

    Applying in Corona times: the video interview. Because a camera makes communication happen in a slightly different way, I would like to list the most important things for you.

  • Temporary unemployment due to pandemic

    2020 was an unprecedented year. The coronavirus dominated our lives. Starting in March, we were faced with situations that we had not thought possible before. This also had a serious impact on employment. That is why the simplified procedure for temporary unemployment was created. But what exactly does it contain? And who can make use of it? Below you will find the most important details listed.

  • Hiring a new colleague: what are my rights and obligations?

    The right to recruit stems from the employer's freedom to conduct business. It is not defined by law and is, in principle, free but not absolute. There are therefore a number of rules that must be respected, which are summarised in the "right to hire".

    The right to recruit is based on common sense and, for the most part, is self-evident. But a refresher is never useless considering the possible sanctions in case of violation.

    In this article, the rules applicable in Belgium will be explained with, wherever possible, concrete examples.

  • Different generations in the workplace, an HR hype?

    Is the use of different generations in the workplace just HR hype or is there more to it? Studies have shown that if, as an employer, you strive for a good reflection of society in the workplace, you will benefit from the diversity of work and life experience.

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