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  • Different generations in the workplace, an HR hype?

    Is the use of different generations in the workplace just HR hype or is there more to it? Studies have shown that if, as an employer, you strive for a good reflection of society in the workplace, you will benefit from the diversity of work and life experience.

  • What is Life-long Learning?

    The European Commission found that life-long learning has four objectives: personal fulfillment, active citizenship, social inclusion and employability. Considering that I am active in recruitment and that our community is work related, this article will be limited to employability.

  • How to achieve greatness?

    It takes a lot to accomplish greatness. We will help you through this journey by giving you some useful advice. It all starts by discovering yourself!

  • How to motivate your team with simple words?

    I recently read an interesting article on Inc.com, written by Daskal, about phrases and words that leaders should use more often to motivate their team. I am going to take the liberty of quoting some ideas from the article: “12 easy phrases to improve your leadership”, adding personal comments and including my own ideas.

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