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  • New Year resolutions for 2022

    It has been another difficult year for all of us because of the pandemic which has changed our lives so much but I sure hope it hasn’t broken your spirit.Have you already started thinking about New Year's resolution ideas? Which challenges will you take up in the coming year?

  • The statute is subordinated to talent and expertise

    We are currently in a time where there is a shortage on the labour market and we are faced with a mismatch between supply and demand. Can freelancing offer an answer to this and if so, in what way?

  • The insurance business is booming, right?

    Insurance business is booming. But while you have great access to job openings, having too many options can make the job-search process seem overwhelming. Let us help you find your way through the wide range of insurance vacancies.

  • Temporary unemployment due to pandemic

    2020 was an unprecedented year. The coronavirus dominated our lives. Starting in March, we were faced with situations that we had not thought possible before. This also had a serious impact on employment. That is why the simplified procedure for temporary unemployment was created. But what exactly does it contain? And who can make use of it? Below you will find the most important details listed.

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