Tips & tricks to improve your time management


We live in a “fast paced society” is a quote you will not read for the first time now. Do we really? Or do you impose yourself this high rhythm?

Well, sometimes there is no escape and you really have so much to do. How can you relieve yourself a little from that pressure and actually carry out most of your tasks during that period of time? Is this relief possible? It depends on whether you see the glass as half empty or as half full.

Stop, think, plan, act

What has to be done now, today and what can wait for the future?

Make a list, concentrate on the urgent and be honest with yourself. Allocate time to making this list! Consider what to do first and last depending on if you like it or not. When you do this what must, can and should not be done by you? Check the availability of the person who could help.

Do not forget to build in “relax” time in your planning so that you are highly productive when acting. And act!

Planning takes time, but only so much that it should not jeopardize the action.

Thoughts without actions are dreams and too much planning time might be avoidance to actually starting. And when it seems impossible to do it all then think about this: do you know how a marathon runner won his or her first competition? By one day setting a first step and keep doing it. Step by step!

Good luck!

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Elle Fleurackers

Proactive & passionate MarCom Manager with a broad range of interests.