The four seasons of your career


The "Spring" stage of your career: the learner

In the Spring stage of your career, usually between 20 and 30, everything revolves around development and growth. We are still looking for our place on the labor market and get to know ourselves and our competencies better as we develop them. We often do that by gaining as many different experiences as possible.

Qualities that flourish during this period: dedication, enthusiasm, wanting to learn, helpfulness, being eager to process information, wanting to prove yourself and a fresh look.

In this phase you remain stimulated by a lot of variety, sufficient opportunities for cooperation and development, clear rules and a lot of feedback.

If at this stage your job is characterised with little variation, a lot of repetition and a lot of pressure, chances are that you will want to change your challenge quickly.

The "Summer" stage of your career: the performer

In the Summer of your career, performance and ambitions prevail. You are then looking for a job in which you bear responsibility or can use your competencies to the maximum. At the same time, it is often very busy on a private level: building, children, hobbies, etc.

Qualities that belong to the summer are: eager to work, ambition, wanting to be involved, good team player, looking ahead, networker and result-oriented.

But remember that many people in this phase of life need measures that contribute to the balance between work and private life, sufficient autonomy and challenging tasks and visibility within the organization. In this phase of life there is the greatest risk of burnout or fatigue by wanting to do everything at the same time, or by going beyond the limits of what is healthy.

The "Autumn" stage of your career: the self-connoisseur

In the Fall of your career you look for a new balance and meaning - meaning is high on the agenda. People then concentrate more on quality in work and life.

Characterising qualities for this phase of life: a lot of knowledge and experience, quality deliverance, the ego moves the background and you are goal-oriented.

In this phase, it is important to do some work where expertise, experience, judgment and being called upon is necessary, as well as getting appreciation for what you do.

The "Winter" stage of your career: the thoughtful

In the Winter of your career, you need more in-depth knowledge and new opportunities. You no longer have to prove yourself. You want to work longer, but also differently. A qualitative life is paramount.

Qualities that often occur in the Winter: wisdom and life knowledge, experience, good expert and coach and good risk calculator.

In this phase you stay in balance through appreciation and respect, being able to make a meaningful contribution to the whole, entertainment and connectedness as well as via adjustments that support the physical and the mental.

Of course, these descriptions do not always apply to everyone. They are intended as a reason for conversations with colleagues or your supervisor, individually or in a group. Searching together for what motivates and what is needed in a certain phase of life provides energy and can boost cooperation.

At Axis Group, our selections focus on the talents and intrinsic motivation of our candidates. We like to listen to your story and certainly also look at the point you reached your career.

Good luck with the insights.


Elle Fleurackers

Proactive & passionate MarCom Manager with a broad range of interests.