Written Communication

In the "Age of Information", written communication is more important than it has ever been before. But the many communication possibilities offered by information technology do not replace the need to write clearly and correctly. Particularly in a business environment, effective written communication is essential both internally with colleagues and externally with customers.

The objective of this course is to show participants how to produce clear and well-structured documents that communicate effectively. The course covers both the rules of good writing and the appropriate use of different document types, such as E-mail, letters, memoranda and reports. While the course is aimed primarily at written communication in the English language, it can also be adapted to other European languages, such as French, Dutch, German and Spanish.

Course Content

  • Judge which is the appropriate document type to use for the intended purpose
  • Write in a positive, clear and persuasive way
  • Construct sentences and paragraphs that communicate effectively
  • Structure documents that are interesting and retain the reader's attention
  • Recognise and avoid the causes of poor communication
  • Use E-mail and other document forms effectively

Target Audience

Anyone in a business environment who communicates in writing.

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