Presentation Skills

Many of the most important opportunities in business life require the ability to give effective, persuasive presentations. Even for the most naturally gifted speakers, the techniques involved in structuring and delivering a winning presentation are challenging. This course is designed to help participants become competent speakers, so that they can achieve their business goals and personal objectives.

The first day of the course focuses on the skills required to produce great presentations. The second day provides participants with the opportunity to practice their skills and assess their performance using videotaping.

Course Content

  • Develop realistic communication objectives
  • Profile an audience and assess the best way to interface with them
  • Structure a concise, interesting and persuasive presentation
  • Design and use visual aids
  • Use body language effectively in presentations
  • Use voices effectively to give colour, meaning and presence to presentations
  • Handle questions effectively

Target Audience

Anyone who needs to prepare and deliver effective presentations.

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