High-Performance Appraisals

The appraisal process is a key feature of staff development and performance management. As a management task, however, it is frequently treated as a burdensome chore. Without appraisals, staff find it difficult to judge their progress and development.

This course is designed to help managers recognise the importance of preparing, carrying out and following up on appraisals. The course explains how to conduct effective appraisals that not only give feedback, but they motivate as well.

Course Content

  • Gather appraisal performance data and analyse it effectively
  • Plan the interview process and make effective use of questioning and listening skills
  • Use coaching models to help staff identify their own areas of strength and weakness and develop strategies for development
  • Help staff identify goals and turn them into SMART objectives with clear action plans
  • Deal effectively with poor performers
  • Establish how to follow up the appraisal to ensure that it provides a blueprint for development

Target Audience

Managers, supervisors and team leaders.

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