Coaching and Feedback

Coaching is a misunderstood management competency. Too often confused with on-the-job training, it is about working closely with individuals to help them develop and improve their performance. Coaching is a fundamental management skill that helps staff improve, develop, learn new skills and achieve goals. It is an essential part of the long-term development and motivation of staff.

This course is designed to help managers address and coach those performance issues that are preventing staff from realising their potential. The course focuses on how to identify the performance or behavioural issues involved and address them in a useful and well-judged way.

Course Content

  • Identify and classify areas for performance development (knowledge, skills and behaviour)
  • Define a range of responses to performance issues and select the most appropriate approach to take
  • Use appropriate interpersonal communication skills (active listening, coaching, questioning techniques)
  • Give negative feedback using a range of tools that avoid defensiveness
  • Deal with common obstacles to effective coaching and feedback
  • Motivate and coach future performance by focusing on goals and the actions needed to achieve them
  • Incorporate coaching into normal management style

Target Audience

Managers, supervisors and team leaders.

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