Behavioural Interviewing

For most managers, recruitment interviewing is a relatively infrequent process with mixed results. This course focuses on training supervisors, team leaders and managers to get the most out of recruitment interviews. The result of an effective behavioural interview should be a clear indication of whether the candidate has the ability to do the job well or whether he has just the ‘threshold’ knowledge and skills required to do the job at all.

Course Content

  • Transform a job specification into a detailed person specification that focuses on behavioural competencies
  • Assess the range of selection methods that may back up the interview process
  • Plan interview format and structure
  • Create an open and non-threatening interview environment in which the exchange of information is honest and complete
  • Ask non-leading, focused questions that elicit detailed, honest and relevant information
  • Listen actively and probe for relevant additional information
  • Evaluate the information generated to make more reliable recruitment decisions

Target Audience

Managers, supervisors and team leaders.

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