Customer Experience Training

Axis has been working as an HR advisor between clients and candidates for 25 years. We want to know what is going on. We keep listening to the needs of the market. Hence this project. As the ideal profile of the Customer Experience Officer for the Banking and Insurance sector is becoming increasingly difficult to find, we want to support the market by training “the almost ideal candidate”.

This way, you get the candidate your are looking for and candidates get new opportunities.

We have the power to change your life.

This project contains: 3 Days training to start + 4 Follow-Up Days within the upcoming months. Guidance and coaching of the candidates for 15 months.

Course content

Day 1: Introduction to Customer Experience Officer

  • Customer Service on the phone and online, general introduction
  • Assessing the importance of customer service for business success
  • Making use of the telephone, ROI
  • Understand how customers perceive service in Insurance & Banking
  • Bringing personality and individuality to customer service in Insurance & Banking
  • Effectively deal with complaints and difficult customers (specific to Insurance/Banking)
  • Understand the impact of cultural differences on customer serviceDay 2. PROBLEM SOLVING/CREATIVE THINKING

Day 2: Problem solving/creative thinking - part I

In combination with stress and time management

  • How to prioritize your work?
  • Is agenda management needed/time management needed?
  • Understand what creativity is and how it is developed?
  • Assess the importance of creative thinking in a business environment
  • Apply a range of thinking tools to generate creative ideas and develop solutions

Day 3: Problem solving/creative thinking - part II

In combination with stress and time management

  • Gain the confidence and skills to develop new solutions within a business environment
  • Identify ways of using creative thinking in the workplace
  • Repeat on creative thinking and problem solving
  • Generate stress situations and how to handle them
  • Roleplay


Follow-up Day 1: Case Management

After 1 month

  • Collective case study management
  • Reality based – bring in your cases
  • Discuss cases and learn on the job
  • Develop listening skills
  • Roleplay

Follow-up Day 2: Commercial communication skills

After 2 months

  • Communicate in difficult situations
  • Communicate bad news
  • Communication in line with stress and creative thinking
  • How to address aggressive communication
  • Roleplay

Follow-up Day 3: Inspiration– Customer Care to the next level

After 3 months

  • Customer care in the field, let’s get inspired
  • Testimonials from customer care experts in the field (Bank and Insurance)
  • Afternoon – practical training on language French and Dutch on the job

Follow-up Day 4: Working day at Axis Projects

After 6 months

  • Collective intelligence
  • Axis projects community
  • Lunch with the group
  • One on one with the Business Consultant

After six months, follow up in the normal process of Axis Projects by our Business Consultant

Timing of the project

Start moments:

  • June 2022
  • September 2022
  • February 2023

Selection process of the candidates

  • We identify specific profiles
  • InDepth-interview by an Axis Business Consultant @ the Axis Office or by Zoom
  • Presenting profiles at client and Interview client for final selection
  • Selected candidates start with fix contract Axis or with fix contract client, depending on the client’s wish

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