Team Leadership

The ever-increasing complexity of modern business and technology challenges the effectiveness of teams. To deal with this situation, a team must have a strong leader. While some people are born leaders, most need to develop the skills required to create a vision, communicate it to others and motivate a team. This is particularly important during periods of rapid change or growth, in which a team relies on the support and direction given by its leader.

The objective of this course is to improve the leadership skills of people, who do not have a lot of management experience or who may be good managers, but need to improve as leaders. The course makes use of up-to-date research on leadership, role-plays and exercises to help participants understand how they can become better leaders.

Course Content

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the need for leadership and management skills in any supervisory role
  • Recognise the specific qualities of leadership and the needs of a team
  • Identify the impact of leadership on the task, the team and the individual
  • Understand the importance of emotion and emotional intelligence in leadership
  • Set and communicate goals
  • Understand the importance of delegation and coaching in leadership
  • Motivate, build and lead a team
  • Manage conflict and dissent in a team

Target Audience

Managers, supervisors and team leaders.