Equities (Shares)

Equities markets are among the most important financial markets in the world. Because of their fast pace and high volatility, equities markets are both complex and highly automated. This course provides participants with a good understanding of equities, their characteristics and the markets in which they are issued and traded.

Course Content

  • Characteristics of equities
  • Types of equities
  • Markets for equities: primary vs. secondary; international vs. domestic
  • Primary market operations – Initial public offerings (IPOs)
  • Secondary market practice: Trading equities
  • Pricing equities
  • Equity indices
  • Settlement and custody for equities
  • Corporate actions and their impact on equities
  • Depository receipts
  • Equities and risk

Target Audience

Financial service professionals who want to have a good understanding of equities and equity markets.

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