Telephone-Based Customer Service

For companies that have customers in various countries, the telephone is an essential component of their operations. Providing good customer service over the telephone, however, is difficult, because the customer may be thousands of kilometres away in a different time zone with a completely different way of seeing the world. Customer service representatives, therefore, must be sensitive to the myriad of factors that will determine, whether the customer is happy with their service or not.

The objective of this course is to help participants improve their skills in communicating directly with customers over the telephone. The course focuses on the key skills involved in communicating effectively with customers. A full range of situations is covered from initial contact through to handling awkward customers and complaints. Consideration is also given to cultural issues and the handling of relationships with different nationalities. The course is highly interactive and involves numerous exercises and role plays.

Course Content

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Judge the importance of customer service to business success
  • Make more effective use of the telephone
  • Understand how customers perceive service
  • Bring personality and individuality to customer service
  • Handle complaints and difficult customers effectively
  • Improve their listening and communication skills
  • Recover from difficult situations
  • Understand the impact of cultural differences on customer service

Target Audience

Anyone who deals with customers over the telephone.