Introduction to Banking

Modern banking covers a wide range of services, which extend from traditional lending to the innovative development of new financial products. Understanding the different areas in banking is challenging even for the most experienced bankers. This course provides participants with an introduction into the diverse activities of banks. The course is well-suited for people who are beginning a career in banking or bankers who would like to have an overview of banking.

Course content

  • Introduction
  • The development of banking:
    Origin of banking
    Milestones in the history of banking
    Banking since 2008
    Future of international banking
  • Types of banks:
    Central banks
    Corporate banks
    Retail banks
    Private banks
    Correspondent banks
    Custodian banks
    Other players
  • Banking products and services:
    Investment products
    Types of accounts
    Foreign exchange
    Spot vs. forward rates
    Life insurance

Target audience

Anyone interested in learning about banking. No previous knowledge of banking is required

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