Hedge Funds

Having overcome the high-risk image that had been attributed to them in the past, hedge funds are now considered as a serious form of alternative investment. The popularity of hedge funds has given rise to funds of hedge funds, which allow even small investors to invest (albeit indirectly) in hedge funds. Hedge funds have also been the source of many innovations, which are applied in traditional funds. This course provides participants with a comprehensive view of hedge funds, hedge fund administration and the hedge fund market.

Course Content

  • History and development of the hedge fund market
  • Unique characteristics of hedge funds
  • Hedge funds vs. traditional “long only” funds
  • Hedge fund strategies
  • Players in hedge funds
  • Regulation of hedge funds
  • Short selling and leveraging in hedge funds
  • Use of derivatives in hedge funds
  • Performance fees and equalisation
  • “Side pockets”
  • Risk management in hedge funds
  • Funds of hedge funds

Target Audience

Financial service professionals with at least 1 year experience in the fund industry who want to understand hedge funds.

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