Here is a story about our early days...

Axis was founded in September 1996 by Christophe Velge. We opened our first office in Antwerp, which is still our headquarters. We started with a team of 3, including Christophe and Griet who are both still deeply devoted to the Axis Group.


Axis was the first temporary employment agency that was specialized only in white-collar workers, which was not an obvious choice in the 1990’s! In addition, we were the first temporary employment agency that was using a computer for people to register! Can you imagine: not being able to post your candidacy on the internet, but having to register it on a computer at a recruitment agency?! Not using email to send your resume, but using a fax machine? Life without internet seems almost unimaginable.

Motivated, enthusiastic and client-oriented as we are, we found and gained the trust of candidates and clients and started to grow. Only 1,5 years later we opened our office in Brussels, where Marjorie joined our team, and as a fast growing company we became the Trends Gazelle ambassador in 2003.


Our teams grew, we became more specialized and opened offices in Luxembourg and Amsterdam, but our dedication, service-minded attitude and personal touch towards candidates and clients remained the same. Some of our clients from the early days are still putting their trust in Axis and some candidates for whom we found their first jobs, are now contact people at other clients. Our long-term commitment is where we make a difference.

"We have the power to change your life!”


Elle Fleurackers

Proactive & passionate MarCom Manager with a broad range of interests.