Retour au bureau sans problèmes

Soon back in the office? Prepare your teams effectively for this return to work. Many companies will implement a gradual return to the office, with or without a work-at-home component.

Life in the office will no longer be the same, and it will take time to adapt to this new hybrid work mode. This coaching will allow you to welcome your teams in the most efficient way and reassure them about their return.


  • How to organize this return with a part of distance management
  • Managing objections to the return, identify fears and possible conflicts
  • Motivating the return to the office
  • Maintaining adhesion and relationships between the team and the company


  • Pursue intermittent remote management
  • Empathy and active listening: Be aware of your emotions and needs; Reassuring collaborators
  • Lifting doubts
  • Staying available
  • Placing yourself as a mediator
  • Avoiding de-motivation and accentuating motivation
  • Experiment multiple management style and flexibility


Exercises and interactive tools based on the principles of mediation. The mediator's toolbox, NLP, the Process Communication Model. A fun and interactive approach based on questions.

At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Manage the remote working situation and prepare the return to the office
  • Identify the tensions, unspoken words of team members; underlying stress and conflicts even at a distance
  • Understand the personal (and also his or her own) and relational issues, identify obstacles and fears
  • Responding to needs, reactivating the work in presence, maintaining adhesion and reinforcing the links with the team and the company

Practical organization

Duration of the workshop: 1/2 day by videoconference or in person

Target audience

Divisional, sub-divisional, departmental, service, area heads

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