De verzekeringssector is booming, juist?

The effects of the pandemic on global insurance markets have mostly been felt through asset risks, stock market uncertainty, and lower premium growth prospects. As a result of the economic downturn, developed economies, including the life insurance industry, are expected to decrease in real terms; although emerging economies are more likely to see a drop in return on equity.

The pandemic has also forced insurance firms to step up their digitization activities, prompting them to concentrate on protection and regulatory protocols in order to combat cyber security threats.


This also means that the insurance market is growing rapidly. As an HR-agency ourselves we notice an exponential growth in job offers for insurance professionals. Our clients often offer applicants retraining opportunities to meet today's challenges and respond to future needs of the insurance industry.

At Axis, we take importance into not only providing HR services, but also closely monitoring market developments. Thus, we are always prepared to help you overcome the challenges you face as a job seeker.

Are you looking for a job in the insurance sector but find it difficult to navigate the oversupply of jobs? Do you want to know which companies seeking for insurance profiles are the best fit for you?

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