Credit Collector

Our goal is to accompany our clients in their commitments to the bank in order to maintain a balance between our collected amounts and the necessary commissions. This support is provided in a professional and structured manner and is linked to the processing phase in the collection cycle. We are expected to work as a team in a respectful manner since each file follows its own logical treatment path and we take turns in ensuring optimal support for a situation without delays for the client.


Mission of the Department:
Within the Credits Department, you will be part of the Collections Department, whose main objective is:
  • The follow-up and management of files that are in arrears, the recovery of files both before and after disputed cases, the management of high-risk files and those that are in a legal phase or collective debt settlement.
  • The "Collection Front-end" team groups together all the activities aimed at preventing files from being transferred to the disputed cases, with the following objectives
  • accompany the customers ( remind them of their obligations and of the consequences of late payment ),
  • informing customers of payment possibilities such as direct debits, standing orders, cancellations of credit lines, etc.
  • Motivate the customers to catch up the arrears by means of payment promises.
Given that this position is in the first line of business to ensure timely repayments in our portfolio of short term loans, cards and credit limits, this position is of capital importance in managing the bank's risks.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:
The main task of the Medium Risk Dispute Manager consists of contacting by phone (and other appropriate media) the customers who are in arrears (up to 3 monthly instalments) in order to motivate them to clear their arrears by obtaining a payment promise which we enter in our management system.
The telephone contacts also aim to :
  • Remind them of their late monthly payments,
  • propose solutions to prevent a recurrence and to maintain a good relationship (for example: domiciliation, permanent assignments, etc...)
  • Collect information that allows us to better understand the client's situation,
  • give the necessary explanations on how the different products work (current account, credit card, personal loan, etc.)
  • explain the consequences of non-payment and avoid the customer moving to the dispute service.

Your profile

  • Bilingual (NL & FR)
  • Customer oriented
  • Oral skills
  • Proactive
  • Result oriented
Desired Experience:
Similar experience in accounts receivable management or a call center is a requirement.


Our client operates in the banking industry.

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