New Year resolutions for 2022

New Year, New You!

The New Year has started and I hope that you have your resolutions ready for 2022. It has been another difficult year for all of us because of the pandemic which has changed our lives so much but I sure hope it hasn’t broken your spirit.

Have you already started thinking about New Year's resolution ideas? Which challenges will you take up in the coming year? Even if you haven’t had much luck in the past in keeping your New Year's resolutions, start to plan them anyway.

I will give you some tips & tricks to keep in mind for the upcoming year.


Be realistic

First of all, you need to be realistic, and your resolutions have to be believable. Don’t start something you cannot finish and if you live by that rule, you will achieve so much more than you expect.


If you want to be more productive, your calendar is your most important tool. And this is a well-known fact! Most successful people and entrepreneurs strictly follow their agenda which results in a higher productivity and a better quality of work.

Make time to Work-out

Exercise is also highly recommended for a healthy and prosperous life. More and more people are aware of this and they frequently exercise throughout their workweek. Research has concluded that a person should at least exercise 150 minutes a week. So even though you’re tired after your working day, take time to exercise. You will feel better and you will also eventually see results. So, keep up the hard work and workout!

Don’t forget some me-time

Mental health and well-being are a very trendy topic lately and everybody is handing out tips and tricks related to it. But here are the most important ones to remember and to implement in your daily life. If you make a lot of time for other people, you should not forget to make time for yourself as well. Take time to invest in yourself, to do what you love or what you enjoy doing. If you struggle with any issues, take time to reflect and to calm yourself, to ask for help or to talk about it with people you trust. Whatever your method is, shake off the stress of the past year and look at 2022 as a fresh start full of new opportunities!

A New Year, turn the page and start afresh!

Smartphone challenge

Nowadays it’s nearly impossible to see someone on the street without a smartphone, everywhere you go you see people scrolling down or swiping on their phones. Have you ever wondered how many miles you scrolled on your phone?

If you constantly have the urge to reach out to your phone, it’s probably time to cut back. A perfect way to kick off your New Year smartphone resolution would be to sign up to the techtimeout10 challenge. This challenge assists you in spending some time off your phone for ten days.

Spend your time differently by reading books, exercising, learning a new hobby or playing an instrument etc. If you focus on the physical reality, it will brighten your day and you will get a different view on the world. Besides, it is a great way to try and understand who you are and what you like to do outside of the virtual world.


1, 2, START

And now it’s up to you, after all, you are the person that knows yourself the best. So, take a deep breath, be honest with yourself and start writing your New Year resolutions. Another tip, think outside the box! Be creative and find out what you want!

We wish you a very Happy New Year and all the best from Axis Group!