Experience as a digital marketing intern during covid-19

On Friday, 26th of March, I finished my 2 months internship at Axis Group in Antwerp. As a third year communication management student, I went on my search for an internship in January. It’s actually kind of funny how I started my internship, not realizing this Axis Group was a different Axis group than the job posting had said through which I had initially applied for, but now am continuing to work for them as a student assistant in marketing. You can say my expectations about the agency were quite different from the reality.


Overall, though, as interns, we expect that these internships are for us to learn and we won't have much time to actually add great value by the work we do. But with the amazing supervision and the right mentoring from Elle Fleurackers, who is the Marketing & Communications manager at Axis, I exceeded my expectations and was able to contribute not only to my team but to the agency as a whole.

I started my internship at Axis with the expectations of having to do tasks such as content creation, planning of social media and coming up with a campaign for the launch of the website, but it ended up becoming so much more than that. Although my official title was marketing and communications intern, I was a website developer, translator and copywriter on the side. All jokes aside, if it wasn’t for this internship and Elle really giving me the freedom to do what I thought was best and gave me a chance when I would come up with new ideas; I wouldn't have known how much I really enjoy website developing, creating campaigns and especially copywriting.

For those who are looking to intern for an agency such as Axis Group, it’s important to stay open-minded with your JD, as you’ll probably be doing other things on the side. Any kind of work in marketing can be stressful and you’ll have to work with short deadlines constantly, so it’s important that you plan your days very well and check up on your content, posts and campaigns consistently. For Axis specifically, you’ll be guided very well and recognized for the work that you do. The people are also very friendly and there’s a sense of togetherness.


Elle Fleurackers

Proactive & passionate MarCom Manager with a broad range of interests.