Fun facts about Gaëlle Auriel

Is your company located in Belgium and do recruit with Axis as your HR partner? Then it is likely that you have already been in contact with Gaëlle Auriel, Head of Sales at Axis Belgium.

Here are some fun facts about Gaëlle that you probably didn't know about.

Gaëlle Auriel

Age: 43

Place of Birth:

Function Title:
Partner - Head of Sales

Work location:

My life quote
“Joy is where you find it!”

I have been working for Axis since
September 2011

My favorite place to lunch near an Axis office is
I wish it could be le “Come chez soi”

My favorite song is
I’m sexy and I know it (it’s the Axis corporate song 2019)

I like to spent my Sundays
Running through the woods

I’m always up for

The fun factor inside me is
My humor. I try not to take myself too seriously

If I have to compare myself with an animal, it would be
A dog, a greyhound because they run fast

My one word to describe Axis would be

If I could choose a super power it would be
Bewitched : she changes the world by moving her nose

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